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Welcome to Durham University Visual Cognition Lab Website!


Our lab, directed by Dr. Paige Scalf focuses on studying how our visual systems not only perceive the world around us but how we can attend to the visual world and give priority to certain things at the expense of others.

The visual world is incredibly busy. Work by Pieter Bruegel, shown above, is a beautiful example of how our visual systems are constantly bombarded with an immense amount of visual information, so how do we actually process and attend to it?


The Visual Cognition Lab includes graduate and undergraduate students researching a variety of topics. The lab uses behavioral methods, eye-tracking, ERP data collection and brain imaging.


Dr. Scalf currently has a fully funded PhD studentship available in her lab at Durham University, beginning in October, 2015.  Please contact her at for further details.




Contact information for the lab:


Psychology Department Rm 11
Durham University
Science Laboratories
South Road







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